Monday, March 28, 2016

How Moving Day Is Just Like Wedding Day

If you follow A Bride On A Budget on social media (we're on Facebook, Twitter, and, as of two weeks ago, Instagram), you may have noticed I didn't post any photos of Easter bunnies or crosses to celebrate yesterday. Instead, I posted a picture of a moving truck. Because -- after much house hunting and then a decision to just build a brand new house -- Pete and I (and out cat, Totes McGotes) moved into our (first and) forever home.

So instead of spending Easter weekend coloring eggs and eating chocolate bunnies, we spent it loading boxes into a moving truck. We were very lucky to have friends and my parents help us ... but as I was stressing over questions about what should go where, it got me thinking about how moving day was just like wedding day.

How Moving Day Is Just Like Wedding Day

Believe it or not, wedding day and moving day have a lot in common. Just how much? Find out at

You Have To Coordinate A Lot Of "Vendors" Before The Big Day
When you're planning a wedding, you have to get in touch with a ton of vendors before your wedding day. You need to pick a venue, choose the flowers, book a DJ, get your dress, on and on, right? And, you do this all before the wedding day so everything is set to go at your wedding.

Moving is the same way. You need to pick a house, choose a mortgage company, book a rental truck, get your water and electric set up, on and on. And, you do all this before moving day so when you get into your home, you have lights and the ability to flush the toilet.

You Need Friends To Help
If you remember my post about what no one tells you about your wedding day, I told you that you need that one set of friends. At the end of the night, all your guests and bridesmaids and vendors leave and you and your groom are left to clean up the venue. And so, you need that set of friends who will help you pack left behind favors and pieces of cake and then take them home for you.

You need those friends on moving day too. And, funny as it may be, we had those same friends who helped us pack up our wedding help us pack and move to our new home. I kept telling Pete all day, "These are good friends. They're good people and we're really lucky to have them." But, realizing they are the same ones who stayed behind at our wedding (and aided in my super secret guitar gift for Pete and brought me socks to our wedding reception because I forgot to pack some), they really are good friends.

You Need To Delegate ...
On wedding morning, everyone asked me what they could do to help. I asked one bridesmaid to keep track of the rings, I asked my dad to hold onto the envelopes with tips in them, etc. I kept handing out tasks as people asked for them because, really, I needed help.

The same with moving day. I needed to tell people what boxes had to go down first, what furniture went in what room, etc.

... And Then You Need To Just Relinquish All Control
Finally, on our wedding day, I just gave up. I was getting stressed trying to figure out where everyone was and what everyone was doing. It got to a point where I didn't care. I had faith in my planning and the people I had delegated tasks to, so I just let the day go off as it should.

Same with moving day. Eventually, I just gave in. Instead of trying to tell everyone how to pack and what to put in certain boxes, I let everyone pack extra stuff in unlabled boxes (meaning we slept without proper pillows on our first night because they were in a box that I didn't pack). But it had to get done and, so, I just let it.

At The End Of The Day, It's Just You, Your Spouse, And Your New Life
When all is said and done on your wedding day, you're married. Everything that happened over the course of the day led you to being married, your souls fused together, and you and your spouse starting the rest of your lives together.

And that's how moving day was too. When everyone went home, Pete and I sat on the couch in pajamas, watching Dateline, eating microwaved popcorn. And it was perfect. There was no other way that I would have wanted to spend that moment and no one else I would have wanted to spend it with.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What part of moving day felt like wedding day to you?

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