Monday, August 29, 2016

5 At-Home Bachelorette Party Ideas (that don't involve strippers)

Some of the best nights Pete and I have are the ones where we just stay home. It's the company, not the venue, that makes for some of the best memories.

If you agree, an at-home bachelorette party is for you. Have all the bridesmaids and the bride's best girl friends over to one house and throw a great party. And you don't even need to hire a stripper. There are a ton of other great ideas that are even more fun than sipping drinks from penis straws.

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5 At-Home Bachelorette Party Ideas (that don't involve strippers)

Fortune Teller
What do the cards hold for the bride and groom? Will they have a huge house with a white picket fence? Will they move to a foreign country? Have kids? Live happily ever after? Okay, that last one is one everyone can figure out, but those other ones, you may need a fortune teller to fill in all the details. Hire one and have her come over, read palms and tarot cards, and just give the guests a bit of insight into their futures.

I'm gonna be honest: This would be so much fun, even for the most skeptical of brides. And it's a great group activity because in the future, when the bride is thinking about something or an event happens that the fortune teller brought up, it turns into a big inside joke/shared memory between all the guests.

Casino Night
My family loves playing card games when we're together. We all sit around the table and play for hours. Of course, we play for money, but you could also play for fun. You could set up a poker table, one for dice games, or heck, even Left Right Center (which is super fun and easy for everyone to understand).

If you're playing poker, you could say everyone needs to bring a bottle of wine as a buy in. Then, gift all the wine to the bride (and maybe let the winner take a bottle home).

Wine Tasting
Don't feel like playing for wine? I get it. Why not have a wine tasting instead? You can have each guest bring a bottle of wine to sample. You should definitely order fun personalized wine glasses too. And don't forget about the cheese, crackers, and grapes too. No wine tasting is completely without those.

Make it even more fun and turn it into an arts and crafts night. Pick up wooden coasters and paint or washi tape to decorate them.

Paint Night
Have you heard of paint nights? They're so much fun. The canvas and paints are supplied, and you can usually bring (or buy) beverages. Wouldn't it be fun to do it at home? Purchase one canvas per guest, a few paints and brushes, and maybe smocks, just to get in the mood.

You can have one guest lead the painting, and you can all paint the same one like they do at paint nights, or you can just let everyone have a free for all.

When I was wedding planning, I just wanted to relax. I kept thinking of Pete and I having a spa day, but we just ran out of time. Your bride probably doesn't have time either, so bring the spa to her. Have everyone wear personalized robes, hire masseuses to come to give massages, and then end the night with clay masks and cucumbers over your eyes.

If I was getting married right now, that would be my choice. Heck, just from running a wedding blog I think I should have a spa night at home!

BRIDAL BABBLE: Which of these at-home bachelorette party ideas is your favorite?

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