Monday, October 17, 2016

What Should You Write On A Personalized Wedding Hanger?

I remember being at my cousin's bridal shower, and as she opened the gift from the bridesmaids, I saw something that made me say: I want that.

It was a personalized wedding hanger.

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The trouble, though, is deciding what you should write on a personalized wedding hanger.

What Should You Write On A Personalized Wedding Hanger?

This is actually what I did -- on the hanger that I forgot in my closet on wedding day and didn't even use for photos. Sigh. What was good, though, is I was able to lend it to a friend who got married after us. She used it in her photos no problem. If my hanger wasn't as generic, I wouldn't be able to share it.

Mrs. NewLastName
I didn't change my name, so that was never an option for me, but if you're planning on changing yours, that works. It might seem a little strange to look at it in the closet for a while, also because that's really your husband's mother's name for the time being, but it will work for after you're married.

If the whole idea of the hanger in your closet with your future mother-in-law's name on it for months, you can just go with Mrs. It's simpler. But, if you're like me and you aren't planning to change your last name, you actually won't technically be a Mrs. You'll be Ms. So keep that in mind.

Your Wedding Date
Instead of putting a name identifier, you can put your wedding date instead. That will be a pretty reminder of your anniversary every time you look at it. I've seen hangers that actually add the wedding date up on the wood part, so just make sure you aren't doubling that.

Lisa ♥ Pete
Okay, you wouldn't actually be putting Lisa and Pete because those are our names, not yours. But you could get this with your names. Then, you could use it in the future to hang other clothes on, which especially works because you will always love your husband.

Decisions decisions.

If you're looking for one of these, be sure to check out all the personalized wedding hangers on Amazon. And, if you're looking for the one in the photo, it's here.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What would you write on a personalized wedding hanger?


  1. Hmmm...I guess I would get it to say Mrs. Pete's last're prob going to want that under your dress...
    I personally would prob go with Lisa <3 Pete.
    FYI - my friend had this for her wedding (purple dress) and it was lovely! She had it done in the color of her looked wonderful!

  2. I understand about it hanging around for so long if it was Mrs. Pete's last name. And if you are to review it, the person giving it to you probably would like feedback sooner too. I had one made for my wedding and got Brennan <3 Paul (Mrs. LastName wouldn't fit with the 15 character limit). I loved it and now I can find other uses (like for baby picture time in the future?). My opinion is to go with Lisa <3 Pete, and you could even incorporate it into showers or parties if you wanted, like maybe hanging strings from it with small clothespins for guests to leave messages from?

  3. Ooooh Brennan! That's so smart. I didn't think about incorporating it into other events, like babies (eventually down the road). That makes it so much more functional. And yes, having it at parties would be so cute. Thank you, thank you! You just made my decision.