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Top 10 Obscure Wedding Songs (That aren't cliche and are actually perfect)

I'll admit it. We picked a really cliche wedding song. Or, really, I picked a really cliche wedding song. Pete's vote was for some song that wasn't really wedding-dance ready, and I wanted to pick a really obscure wedding song. So instead, very last minute, I picked a really cliche wedding song -- Rascal Flatts' Bless The Broken Road -- because I knew Pete knew it.

I was really leaning towards a few others, but I couldn't pick one where the first time Pete heard it was during our first dance.

I mean, I guess could have ...

If you're looking for an uncommon wedding song, you're in luck. I put together a list of my Top 10 Unique Wedding Song Ideas. These are songs that either were actually on my list at some point but didn't make the final cut, or ones that I hadn't heard until after our wedding that I wish made the cut.

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Top 10 Unique Wedding Song Ideas

These are in no particular order. They're not in the order I love them, and they're not even in the order that I thought of them in. Seriously, no particular order.

Rest Of My Life - Unwritten Law

I remember being just barely 21 and working at my first job. I was a sports journalist, which is a very male-dominated field. So it was really important to hold your own there if you were female.

I had this huge crush on one of my cowokers, which probably wasn't the smartest idea given the environment, but 21-year-old me wasn't the smartest person. So I had this crush ... until a male coworker kind of assumed I did, made a fuss out of it, and then a third female coworker defended me and told me that the boys were making it up.

So that dashed any hope of me actually dating this guy. It didn't stop me from picking Unwritten Law's Rest Of My Life to be our wedding song in case it ever worked out between us.

Spoiler alert: It didn't.

Most romantic lyric: "I'm so slow / But I'm trying / And I'm still dying to know / Say you won't leave for the rest of my life"

Love Worth Saving - Griffin Peterson

So the first song was one I loved a gazillion lifetimes ago, and Love Worth Saving by Griffin Peterson is one I heard for the first time this morning. Like I said, no particular order.

Griffin Peterson was completely unknown to me until about 9am today. Google told me he auditioned for American Idol back in 2013 -- and I'm pretty sure I actually watched American Idol that year -- and I still have no idea who he is.

I do, however, know that this song is so sappy and romantic, my heart can't even deal with it.

Most romantic lyric: "If it's your love you're selling, you know I'll keep on buying"

Die A Happy Man - Thomas Rhett

The first time I heard Die A Happy Man was the Nelly cover of it. And, no offense to Nelly, but there was no way that I could believe the Hot In Herr guy also wrote this twangy ballad.

If I'm being honest, I actually like the Nelly version a little bit better. But it's not a first dance version. It's a little faster and there's no way you can slow dance to it. Plus, all the "uhs" in it are a little much for swirling slowly in your wedding dress.

But the Thomas Rhett original, oh, it's perfect for that.

Most romantic lyric:  "If I never get to see the Northern lights / Or if I never get to see the Eiffel Tower at night / Oh if all I got is your hand in my hand / Baby I could die a happy man yeah"

Never Stop (Wedding Version) - Safetysuit

Spotify really wanted this to be our wedding song. I can't even tell you how many times I've heard this song on random since we got married. It never played before we got married, which is a shame.

It's seriously the most romantic song on this entire list. It's so hard for me to pick just one lyric for this one. So I'm not going to. I'm picking a bunch. Because I can. It's my blog. And this is probably the song that should have been our wedding song -- had I known it existed.

Most romantic lyrics: "This is my love song to you / Let every woman know I’m yours"

"I’ll never stop losing my breath / Every time I see you looking back at me ... I’ll never stop choosing you babe / I’ll never get used to you"

"You are my life, I don’t deserve you / But you love me just the same / And as the mirror says we’re older / I want to look the other way / You are my life, my love, my only / And that’s the one thing that won’t change"

He Is We (feat. Owl City) - All About Us

I actually almost picked He Is We's All About Us because I absolutely love Owl City. Adam Young is one of my top singer-songwriters. And Pete even knows who Owl City is, so I didn't mind that he had never heard this song before.

It's so cute and starts off sounding like it should live in a music box.

But then it gets a little self-centered. It says: 'Cause lovers dance when they're feelin' in love / Spotlight's shinin' it's all about us / It's all about us / And every heart in the room will melt / This is a feeling I've never felt but / It's all about us

I knew it was something that would make my mom cringe, even though that's exactly what would be happening at that moment.

Most romantic lyric: "Do you hear that, love? / They're playin' our song"

Bonfire Heart - James Blunt

James Blunt's Bonfire Heart was really close to being our wedding song. I heard it for the first time and fell in love with it instant.

I actually even played it for a friend and told her I was thinking about picking it. Pete wasn't paying attention, so I figured that meant he didn't like it. So I crossed it off the list.

A few years later, I played it for him and he instantly fell in love with it too. So this probably should have been our song.

Most romantic lyrics: "Days like these lead to / Nights like this leads to / Love like ours / You light the spark in my bonfire heart / People like us we don't / Need that much just someone that starts / starts the spark in our bonfire hearts"

"Everybody wants a flame, they don't want to get burnt / Well today is our turn"
Mine Would Be You - Blake Shelton

Pete and I used to watch The Voice when we first moved to North Carolina. Our favorite judge -- pretty much like everyone else -- was Blake Shelton.

The Thanksgiving before we got married, I was driving to New York by myself and Blake Shelton's Mine Would Be You was playing non-stop on any station I changed the radio to. The last verse is really sad, so I was thinking of having this as our wedding song and just cutting it off early.

I told my brother who didn't like some of the lyrics, so we didn't choose it. But it is the perfect tempo to dance to.

Most romantic lyric: "Baby, if I had to choose / My best day ever / My finest hour, my wildest dream come true / Mine would be you"

First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes

A family friend got married, and I was sitting at a table with another family friend during the first dance. "They picked a Bright Eyes song?" she said to me, half as a question, half as a statement.

Bright Eyes is amazing, but sort of obscure if you never lived that emo life.

The name of the song fits perfectly with your wedding day, but the rest of the lyrics are beautifully haunting and romantic.

Most romantic lyric: Yours was the first face that I saw / I think I was blind before I met you

 Life Is Better With You - Michael Franti

We actually had Michael Franti's Life Is Better With You as our second first dance song. Which isn't a thing anywhere outside of our wedding. But whatever. You do you, and I do me.

This was one of the songs Pete suggested that I actually really fell in love with. But the tempo of it is a little funny for a slow dance.

So, after our first dance, we invited everyone up for a second first dance. Plus, the end has a big group sing along, so it's just perfect as a group dance.

Most romantic lyric: "Some days are better than other days / But these days / Life is better with you"

Hey Darlin' Do You Gamble - Lucero

The grittiness in Lucero lead singer Ben Nichols' voice makes me fall in love every time I hear it. There's something about it that instantly fills my heart. Lucero's song Nights Like These may be my favorite song ever sung. There's a line, "She's got a weakness for writers, and I / I was ne'er that good at words anyways." The way he sings it -- oh, you feel the love, the longing, the passion.

I've seen Lucero as a band a bunch of times, and I've seen Ben Nichols solo, and I'm always blown away. So many of the songs deal with longing and heartache, which is perfect for the country punk that is Lucero (my description, not theirs). But when you can get Lucero to do a love song, it's perfect for your wedding.

And I'm reitterating again about this list being in no particular order because if it was in any order, this song would be first. It's the only one that upon hearing it for the first time, 20 seconds in, you decide, "This is it."

Most romantic lyrics: "Darlin' would you take a chance on me"

"And I know you don't know what odds I've got / But intuition sure counts for a lot"

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