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Star Map Wedding Gift Ideas

There's something so romantic about laying on a blanket, staring up at the sky, thinking about your hopes and dreams and happily ever after.

I don't know how often people really do that, to be perfectly honest with you, but it's so romantic if you do it.

We've done it, once upon a time, laying on the roof of Pete's car, in the middle of the highway, before the fourth of July fireworks.

Your wedding day is arguably the most romantic day of your life, but you don't have the time to look up at the sky and take that moment in. Instead, your busy dancing and not eating and chatting with relatives and taking photos. The sky just doesn't stand a chance.

Which is why Star Map Wedding Gifts are such a good idea. Your gift recipients can hang the star map in their bedroom and just stare at that sky, the one they got married under, and it's so sweet.

Star Map Wedding Gift Ideas

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Personalized Star Map

A perfect idea would be a personalized star map, so let's start with that one. We got a pair for review from and absolutely love them.

You input the location of the wedding, plus the date and time, and a map of that exact sky will populate.

You can choose to turn the constellations and grid on and off, which is easy to do with a simple toggle. So play around with that and see what design you like better.

The "simple" design has just the map in color and the rest of the print in white; the other version is the entire print in color. You can choose from nine different colors, so if you've seen your recipient's home, you can choose a color that fits with their d├ęcor.

If not, just go with whatever color you think is best (personally, I vote for midnight).

You can then add up to six lines of text at the bottom (that's not including the date and location). Type something romantic, then the names of the bride and groom.

You can choose your frame and you can add a hanger set (which helps hanging). And that's it. Really, all you have to do is make sure the date and location are right, choose the coloring, and Canvas Discount does the rest.

Ours arrived and I was blown away by the quality of it. I was so impressed. It's printed on a Forex photo board, which is basically a thin board made of PVC. It's lighter than traditional PVC, and gives a crisper print than traditional canvas prints. There's a whole different feel to a Forex photo board, which is really nice.

If you want to order one, use the code ABRIDEONABUDGET10 to save 10% off your total. The code is valid through the end of the year and can be used multiple times.

Purchase here

Star Map Notebook

We had a lot of trouble figuring out our guest book. I don't know why, but I just couldn't decide on what I wanted. I wish I had thought of a star map notebook.

This Star Map Notebook is so much fun. Since astronomers know the sky ahead of time, you can order star map wedding gifts ahead of time. This notebook has the star map, date, and a personalization on the front. It's then filled with a bunch of pages.

So, if you're the one getting married, you can order this for yourself. If you're a friend of someone getting married, definitely ask if they have a wedding guest book yet. If not, suggest this one. It's really sweet and would look cool on a coffee table.

Purchase here

Star Map Bracelet

If your gift recipient has too many wall hangings, but you still love the idea of a star map, check out this star map bracelet. It comes in five sizes, ranging from 5 to 9 inches, so you can pick a tighter or looser one depending on your recipient's style.

This would actually be a really cute gift for bridesmaids too. I always vote with giving jewelry as a bridesmaids gift, and a star map bracelet would be a really cute way for your bridesmaids to remember your wedding day. To an outside, the map would just look like a design. But to your bridesmaid, the map would be something super special.

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Star Map Mug

This Star Map Mug is super fun. One side has the star map and the other side has the same "ink blot" like design, but instead of a star map, it's an image.

So, this is something you would have to get after the wedding because you'd probably want to add a wedding photo on the opposite side.

If not, you could use the day the couple got engaged and an engagement photo instead of the wedding date and a wedding photo if you were set on giving this gift on their wedding day.

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Star Map Ornament

We get a new Christmas ornament every year that depicts something that we did during the year. If the couple you're shopping for is the same, this Star Map Ornament is perfect.

The sky on the ornament is actually the sky that the couple got married under. And the bottom half are snowy pine trees. So from afar, it just looks very Christmasy. But up close, it looks super sweet.

Purchase here

Which of these Star Map Wedding Gift Ideas is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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