Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dress Shopping Fail

Our engagement party is going to be our practice wedding. We're having over 100 guests, and I'm responsible for centerpieces, favors, all that.

I have a red theme because, well, this love is red hot (I'm kidding on the reason, of course, but we are having a red engagement party). So I want a red dress and I know the exact red dress that I'm looking for. I want it red in the middle and black on the sides so your eyes are drawn to the bold color and I will look extra super skinny in these photos that I will eventually show my kids and grandkids.

I went to JC Penney because I had a $10 off coupon and I'm cheap. I didn't expect to find my perfect dress for $10, but I expected to find my perfect dress for $10 off.

And I actually sorta found the exact dress I wanted. Except it was XL and I need XS.

engagement party dress

I carried around the XL for a little while, thinking about trying it on. I figured maybe -- MAYBE -- it would magically fit because, seriously, look at those dresses behind the one I wanted. Those were my options. There one that's got lace for no reason, another with every color of the rainbow, one that's falling apart and strings are all over the floor. That's what I was working with.

The closest I found was the one below. It's more of a wine than red, but beggars can't be choosers (well, they shouldn't be but they really could be). Trouble was, the smallest size was size 4 and it made me look frumpy and shapeless, which is completely opposite of what I actually want. 


engagement party dress

I gave up on red and tried purple, since that's going to be my wedding color. I figured maybe I could pick up something for my rehearsal dinner ... which will be happening in 20 months. But it's good to be prepared, right?

Well, this dress would be perfect if I decided to get implants right under my boobs. Look how much room there is. And if you look close, you can tell that the bottom is actually see through. Not very appropriate for any wedding-related party.

engagement party dress

I tried on a blue dress because I completely gave up on any themes, and that's the one Pete saw. He said it looked like I was buying my Halloween costume.

So no dress for me yet. I have about a month to find one.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Any store suggestions? Clearly, I need help.


  1. You could always have your dress altered - I know many places can do alterations at a decent price and in the end you get the dress you want which will fit you to a tee.

  2. That's a good idea ... if only I could find the dress I want.

  3. I found your prefect dress! I will send you the photo!

  4. I agree, I would of had the dress altered. The red and black is very cute. No worries, you will find your dress. I had a small wedding in my parents backyard and found my dress in the Spiegel catalog for $99. I love this dress to this day. The best $99 a Bride to be could spend. Happy Dress shopping. Oh and PS...congrats on giving yourself so much time to shop