Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wedding Gag Gifts

A few days after Pete and I got engaged in September, my friend Mallory, who got married in July, said she had a gift for us.

It's a joke gift, she said.

I got a little worried. See, my cousin's bridal shower was in September and the joke gifts she got, well, they weren't "funny haha" joke gifts as much as "I hope these stay in the box and the bag they're in is not the one her dad is carrying out of the restaurant" joke gifts.

You know the ones. They come in indiscreet boxes without a card attached. They're for your wedding night, but really, they're for the trash (and you hope that isn't a day that a raccoon goes through your garbage and leaves it all over your lawn).

I didn't think Mallory had that perverted sense of humor although, really, some people just surprise you.

The joke gift arrived and it was heavy. Really heavy. 

I opened it and saw ...

wedding gag gift

We got this as a joke gift and wanted to pass it on to you guys! Start saving those pennies! she wrote in the card.

I laughed and laughed -- and gave out a little sigh of relief that it wasn't inappropriate.

We have it sitting on our table under all of our engagement cards, which are strung on the wall. We're going to keep it there until we get married, then we'll send it along to the next couple that gets engaged.

It's a nice tradition ... and one that doesn't make you blush. I found a similar wedding fund jar on Amazon. It doesn't have the couple on the cork, but you can find the figurines yourself and add them.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What's the best wedding gag gift you've seen, gotten, or thought about getting?

Update: This jar made another cameo on A Bride On A Budget here.


  1. I think that is a great gift, and well suited for you!

    I think gag gifts are okay when you know the brides sense of humor...what might be funny to the bride might not be funny to the guests and visa versa.

    When my dad died, my friend Jen was there to help us go through his closet looking for important papers...he was NOT very organized...everything was in shoeboxes! When she got engaged my mom gave her a clear shoebox for her to keep her important papers in.

  2. I <3 this gift! I think its funny and thoughtful. I always see these at doctors offices with different saying but this one is adorable!

  3. I am literally over here LMBO trying not to wake up the baby. This is so cute and funny. The couple actually look as though they love each other.....ALOT!!! Lol