Friday, November 9, 2012

Code Red

My friend showed me a picture of her son, who at almost four went from looking like a baby to actually looking like a person. Which I told her. In about as nice of a way as I just did in that sentence.

And then the following IM conversation ensued (well, sorta; I edited out some of the boring "hahaha" parts because they just didn't translate over very well and the conversation was pretty long).

Her: So is he my date to your engagement party? I mean he didn't put a ring on it but we are life partners ... (clearly someone has been following my no ring, no bring thoughts)

Her: (and before you bridezilla my ass for that one, I'm just kidding)

Me: I did not bridezilla you. I'm not THAT crazy ... yet.

Me: I know I am gonna be bridezilla though. I can feel it already.

Her: I can't wait.

Me: The other night, I was like, "Pete, if I turn into bridezilla, you can't change your mind. You still have to marry me."

Her: Can we come up with a code system just to put me on alert? Like when you're really nuts just write "code red."

code red

Me: Just assume it is "code red" from now until the wedding.

BRIDAL BABBLE: We've been engaged under two months and all we've done is plan the engagement party, which is happening in two weeks. We haven't looked at reception halls, we haven't picked a bridal party, we have done nothing but create a tentative month and year.

Is it too early to be on Code Red alert?