Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: Mom Necklace From Dogeared's Bridal Suite

A Bride On A Budget received this necklace for this review. All thoughts are my own.

When my cousin got married in March, she gave all her bridesmaids gorgeous necklaces that we all wore on her wedding day. (I actually ended up giving my bridemaids necklaces in their bridesmaids thank you gifts).

It was such a sweet and very special item to wear around our necks.

The necklaces were all the same, but all had different meanings to each of us bridesmaids. She wrote us a note with the necklaces, letting us all know how special we were to her.

What if your necklace could say it for you?


That's where Dogeared Jewels & Gifts comes in. The Dogeared Bridal Suite was launched recently and it is the absolute perfect place to find jewelry for your bridal party.

The site sells rings, bracelets, and more, but the Bridal Suite sticks to pearl earrings and gorgeous necklaces that will make you cry.

Well, not the necklace itself; it's the what's written on the card behind the necklace that makes a difference.


I received a necklace for my mom that reads: make a wish and put on your necklace. sharing this day with you is so special, and this is a celebration i will never forget. i am so grateful for your love, wisdom, encouragement and all that you do ... wear your necklace as a reminder that i love you.

So sweet, right?

The one for the maid of honor hit me the most (but maybe that's because my maid of honor was just here visiting). it reads: make a wish and put on your necklace. thank you for your love and encouragement and all you've done to make this day unforgettable. you have a very special place in my wedding and in my heart... wear your necklace as a reminder that i love you.

And then there's the bridesmaids ones that say: make a wish and put on your necklace. wear it as a reminder that i am so grateful for your presence in my life. thank you for standing with me on this special day, as you have so many times before!


You can purchase the necklaces at 16 or 18 inches, unless you decide to customize them, then you also have the option of 20 inches.

If you do customize, you also have the choice of the background card and charm. You can choose anything from hearts to horseshoes. Personally, pearls are really special to my family (my grandparents honeymoon in my grandma's native Japan was in a place called Pearl Island) so the pearl on my mom's necklace was perfect.

The pearl charm is actually a really decent size. It isn't small too long cheap, but it isn't too large to look gaudy. The chain is thin but not flimsy. The entire necklace is lightweight, so it can be worn throughout the entire wedding day without anyone actually realizing that they have a piece on.

The necklace I got my mom was $56. It's sterling silver. I could have had it gold dipped for an extra $6, but I'm not a fan of yellow gold, so silver worked for me.

With the prices being so reasonable, you could buy these for everyone in your wedding party. Each necklace comes in a gorgeous pearl-colored box made in the United States from recycled materials.

The only thing that I didn't like is that there isn't a grandma necklace in the bridal collection. Dogeared does sell a grandma necklace, but the card doesn't make mention of the special day (aka the wedding) like the other bridal items do. I'm bummed because I would definitely pick one up for my grandma.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Who would you pick one up for?

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  1. Those are so pretty!! What a great idea for a your bridesmaid and maid of honor!