Monday, February 24, 2014

Review: Personalized Glass Charms From Everlasting Crafting

A Bride On A Budget received these items for review. All thoughts and opinions belong to ABOAB.

I'm a big fan of personalized items. It just makes things more personalized.

I know, I know. That's like defining a word with the word. It doesn't make sense. But that sentence above, it really does.

It's like the difference between giving someone a gift card versus cash for a birthday. Cash seems like you totally forgot and just opened your wallet and threw what you had inside into a card. A gift card seems like you thought about the person and picked up a gift card to their favorite store.

Personalized items are the same. If I am giving you a gift with your name on it, it's because I bought it specifically for you (or you happen to have the same name as someone who I actually bought it for and this is a great coincidence).

So -- fair warning -- if you are in my bridal party: Stop reading. Or, if you continue on, act surprised when you see what will be waiting for you in a few months.


I was lucky to get a chance to check out personalized glass charms from Everlasting Crafting.

Our colors are eggplant, lilac, and silver, and Theresa was able to make these charms to exactly match our colors. The letters are silver as are the flowers, some of the girl's beads are a dark purple and some are light. If you look closely, the ribbon of the bag actually matches the beads on the charm.

The charms are only 99p if you are in the UK or $1.65 if you're in the US, plus postage. That includes the entire charm, regardless of how long someone's name is.


What I love is you can choose the shaped bead in either hearts, stars, or flowers. I figured hearts made sense for a wedding, but I wanted this to be something my bridesmaids could use at any time. I went with flowers and I couldn't be happier.

For the colors of the beads, you can choose from 20 color choices. And for the bags, you have a choice of 14 colors. You can check out the full color list here. A variety of choices will make it easy for you to match these to your wedding colors. And, if you don't like the silver letters, you can choose white ones instead.

The charms are gorgeous in person. The photo doesn't do them justice. All the beads are really shiny so they definitely pop. The wire the beads are on is sturdy, so you don't have to worry about it bending out of shape, but it's really flexible too so you are able to wrap the charm around a wine glass and close it with ease.

I actually did use these to designate my bridesmaids' wine glasses on the morning of our wedding at the morning mimosa bar I set up for them.


Charms are made to order and there's no minimum order -- and no maximum order either. At this price, you could actually purchase one for all your guests as their favors and have them at their seats.

Everlasting Crafting makes a few other items too, like charms for angel babies and christening bracelets. You can head to see the brand on Facebook to see additional photos of items she has made.

BRIDAL BABBLE: If you were to make these, what beads would you have selected?


  1. I live in Ontario Canada, can these be ordered and shipped to Canada? How much would it be? My Postal Code is N5Z2M5 ,

    Thanks so much ,


  2. I live in Ontario Canada, can these be ordered? and what would the cost be? Do you take Visa? Thanks so much, Deborah

  3. Hi Deborah. Just seen your message on here. I can ship to Canada, the shipping fee is £5.00. Theresa at Everlasting Crafting

  4. These are great for keeping track of your glass! We write peoples names on cups with sharpies, lol.
    For normal use, I would get all different colors, then each person gets a different color.

    Aria H.