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Wedding Morning Mimosa Bar

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When we were planning the wedding and all the day of logistics, I knew I wanted to get ready at home. Our apartment is huge when it's just me and Pete. I wanted all the girls, plus my parents, to come here and get ready. Then, I wanted the photographer and videographer to come here and take photos and video. And then, because everyone was getting ready here, the salon sent three techs to the house. So, when everyone was here, it was 15 people.

The apartment got small quick.

I originally wanted to get bagels for everyone for breakfast since everyone was meeting here starting at 9 am, but my mom said that they would be having breakfast at the hotel before coming here. And since my friend brought me the most amazing cheese danish all the way from my favorite bakery in Pennsylvania, I was good too.

But I wanted something special for the girls, so I put together a mimosa bar.

Start your wedding morning off right with a Morning Mimosa Bar. Find out how at

Wedding DIY: Morning Mimosa Bar

I already had wine charms for the girls. So, I stopped by the dollar store and picked up cute wine glasses for every bridesmaid, plus my mom, and added the wine charms to the bottom.

If you wanted, you could make glitter wine glasses for each of your bridesmaids too.

Truth be told: If you have enough matching wine glasses in your home, you can just use those. I envisioned everyone taking their glasses home with them, but they all stayed here and we ended up with six new wine glasses. Which is fine.

Start your wedding morning off right with a Morning Mimosa Bar. Find out how at

My parents actually ran out for me the day before and picked up two bottles of champagne and a large bottle of orange juice.

Small lesson: Make a list of all your last minute things that need to get done. Then, when someone calls you and asks what you need, don't say, "Nothing." Read them your list. There's a good chance that they will be able to pick something off your list and accomplish it for you. That's exactly how my parents ended up picking up the stuff for the morning mimosa bar. And that's exactly how I kept my sanity with 48 hours until "I Do."

Start your wedding morning off right with a Morning Mimosa Bar. Find out how at

I set up the beverages in the back, put the glasses and wine charms in the front, and told the girls to help themselves when they got here.

My mom wanted a straw because she already had lipstick on and didn't want to ruin it. We had plain straws, but what's the fun in that? I had Hibiscus Parasol straws left over from a party last summer, so I gave one to my mom. Next thing I knew, everyone had one.

I was in the guest bedroom getting my hair done, and the girls kept walking in and out with their personalized wine glasses filled with mimosas. We had three stylists here to do hair and makeup, which meant that at least four girls were left out of that room. And, I found out later, the four rotated and sat in the living room enjoying mimosas. It was a great bonding time for them, and just a cute little extra to spoil my bridesmaids. 

And you should spoil your bridesmaids. These are the most important women in your life, the ones who are standing next to you during the biggest day of your life (so far). They are paying for dresses, for shoes, for showers, for anything to make your planning a little bit easier. The least you can do is catch them off guard and spoil them -- especially if it's something as simple as champagne and orange juice in wine glasses (cheap for you, a big deal for your wedding morning -- no pun intended).

Classic Mimosa Recipe

What You'll Need:

What You'll Do:

Mix three parts champagne and one part orange juice.


Mimosa Twist Recipes

Apple Cider Mimosa: Apple cider (instead of orange juice) and champagne. This is the perfect fall wedding mimosa. If you want to get really fancy with this, wet the rim of the wine glasses, then dip them in pumpkin pie spice for an added fall touch.

Lemosa: Lemonade (instead of orange juice) and champagne. Most lemosas are garnished with a slice of lemon and have blueberries dropped in. Use frozen blueberries if you're getting ready on a hot morning to keep the drink cool.

Megmosa: Grapefruit juice (instead of orange juice) and champagne. A Megmosa is often garnished with fresh raspberries. You can go with frozen raspberries if it's hot out or if it's not raspberry season.

Pineapple Mimosa: Pineapple juice (instead of orange juice) and champagne.

Poinsettia Mimosa: Cranberry juice (instead of orange juice) and champagne. It's the perfect winter wedding mimosa.

Pomegranate Mimosa: Pomegranate juice (instead of orange juice) and champagne. A Pomegranate Mimosa is often garnished with pomegranate seeds.

Sherbet Mimosa: Use a scoop of orange sherbet (instead of orange juice).

Sunrise Mimosa: Add a splash of grenadine to a classic mimosa. The color splits so there's red on the bottom of the drink and orange on the top half, which looks like a ... you guessed it ... sunrise.

Watermelon Mimosa: Watermelon juice (instead of orange juice) and champagne.

Cute Mimosa Glasses

When I put together our Morning Mimosa Bar, I used stemmed wine glasses since I had the personalized wine charms to add to them.

But, a traditional mimosa glass is a champagne flute.

Our five favorite cute wedding themed mimosa glasses are:

BRIDAL BABBLE: How do you make your mimosa?


  1. I usually wing it with mimosas, and I also like to add fresh strawberries. It's funny how Andre's champagne is the go-to brand that I see used in mimosa bar posts. I use it too!

  2. Mimosas are so popular where I'm from (South Carolina). I'm getting ready in my apartment, too, but I won't have nearly as many people to fit! Whenever I make mimosas, I totally do them on the fly without measuring. Visiting from Create it Thursday!

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