Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tuxedo Shopping (What every bride needs to know)

I've been dress shopping quite a bit. I went prom dress shopping once upon a time, I've been dress shopping for weddings, I've been wedding dress shopping, and bridesmaid dress shopping.

So I had an idea of how that stuff goes. Which means I had an idea of how tuxedo shopping would go.

I was wrong. Completely wrong. So I figured I would help out other brides and put together a guide to tuxedo shopping.

We did our tuxedo shopping at Men's Wearhouse because we had that good coupon where you could get $40 off each of the groomsmen's tux rentals. Also, Men's Wearhouse is the sister store of David's Bridal and that's where we got the bridesmaids dresses from.

You don't have to go to Men's Wearhouse if you go to David's Bridal, but it's so much easier. See, David's Bridal has its core colors. And Men's Wearhouse stocks that same color palette. So if you go to Men's Wearhouse, you can just tell them the color of the dresses and you can be assured that the groomsmen's ties and vests with match the bridesmaids.

We were in the store at the same time as another couple. Their colors were mint and brown and she was bemoaning the fact that she couldn't find a green that matched the bridesmaids' dresses. So keep that in mind.

We made an appointment, but the store was slammed. A computer had gone down and it was slowing down the entire process. While we were waiting to be helped, we were able to peruse the store and sort of decide what we wanted.

Pete was sure he wanted a suit because a tuxedo was too "penguin" for him. He was thinking of a khaki when we were looking around. But the more time we spent looking around, the more he thought about it, and he decided on a gray suit.

When the associate came to help us, we said we were there so Pete could try on suits for the wedding.

"Well," she said ... then went on to tell us that you don't actually try on the suit until two days before the wedding. You choose the components now but it's not like a dress where you try on different styles and sizes until you find the one to order.

So then we said we were looking for a gray suit.

"Well," she said ... then went on to tell us the only suit they rent is a really pale khaki. She said the only difference between suits and tuxes, basically, is a tux has silk buttons, plus a little silk on the lapel.

We went to see the tuxes and there were a few black ones to choose from (that's your penguin style) but also gray tuxedos.

He selected the one he liked, then the associate brought out the vest and tie that matched the bridesmaids' dresses, and that part was over.

She showed us a few white shirt options that were on a display, and he picked one.

She brought out a book with "jewelry" (buttons and cufflinks) and he picked one.

She showed us a few choices for shoes and Pete picked one, although we did call the next day to take them off the package. It's a good moment to note that at Men's Wearhouse, the only item you are not required to rent for a package is the shoes.

After everything was selected, we gave the associate the names of the groomsmen and she took Pete's measurements. She went to the computer to input the information, and this is when the computers bit us in the butt again.

The computer went down and lost all the information. So she had to enter it twice, which was a painstakingly long process because Pete has seven groomsmen.

So we walked around the store, checking out accessories like socks, and eventually found a mini golf putter to play with. As soon as we did, two young children spotted us and we gave up our clubs before even hitting a ball. I think Men's Wearhouse owes us a round of mini golf.

When golf was a no go, we checked out suits. You can do retail or rental at Men's Wearhouse. I was originally trying to get Pete to opt for retail (since I had in my head that the bridesmaids buy their dresses), but rental made more sense. If he had done retail, he could have gotten that khaki suit he originally had in mind.

The associate finally got the information into the computer and she gave us a group number. That's the number we give to the groomsmen so they can call and reserve their tux. When they call, they will automatically get $40 off their total, which is great. The coupon expired a few days after we got to the store and I was hoping the guys wouldn't have to rush and order. She said no.

The guys are requested to order within 30 days from when we went to the store. Styles can change and she wanted to make sure they didn't wait too long.

With dresses, they come in in a few weeks to a few months, the girls pick them up, and that's the end. With Men's Wearhouse, the tuxes will arrive at the store two days before the wedding. Each groomsman will try on the suit and make sure it fits. No changes can be made after 5pm the day before the wedding. Then, each groomsman must return the tux the day after the wedding. The tuxes can be returned in bulk, so you can put the best man or father of the groom in charge of collection.

The entire process took a half hour ... unless you count the 90 minutes we were stalled due to the computer malfunctions.

I think that about covers it. Now you know exactly what to expect so you don't trip over yourself like we did.

BRIDAL BABBLE: How was your tuxedo shopping experience?

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  1. This sounds like it was a terrible experience. We're buying from the bridal salon we're doing all our dresses from. They carry Nedobros

  2. My (now) husband and his friends do not have the patience to shop, let alone get measure for things and wait so they opted to wear their dress uniforms.

  3. We had a similar not so great experience. The salesmen that were there were not very helpful, seemed somewhat clueless. We were frustrated until the woman who I assume is a manager or something came and made things make a lot more sense. She cleared things up for us, but still had issues getting the names spelled correctly (even when we spelled them out for her) which was weird.

    I also didn't like that the guys can't actually try things on, that they just have to hope the measurements match what is delivered. They said they don't even have try on options in the store! Such a weird concept. I know the upside is that people can order from anywhere, but it's still a little confusing.

    Here's hoping all the guys get suits that work!