Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Is The Cupcake Trend Over? (And photos of my wedding cake)

If you know me, you know I love sweets. Dessert is my favorite meal of the day. So when I thought about the wedding and the part that was most important to me, it was definitely the dessert.

Originally, I wanted cupcakes. I fell in love with these cupcakes that are made in town and was absolutely sure I wanted nothing but them. Plus, cupcakes are really fun and whimsical. Who doesn't love a cupcake?

Well, my mom for one. Not that she doesn't love them, but she said for a wedding, you should have a cake. Especially for the photos. So we listened to her and ended up with a beautiful cake that tasted amazing (and looked amazing too -- which you'll see if you get to the end of the post). People confessed to having three slices. It was absolutely the right decision.

But even after we decided on a cake, I still had the cutesy cupcakes in the back of my mind.

Then the cupcake shop in town -- the one I wanted to order from -- closed (it has since re-opened but drastically reduced its hours). And then yesterday, pretty much out of nowhere, Crumbs Bake Shop closed its doors.

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Basically, yesterday, Crumbs Bake Shop informed employees that it would be closing. And that was that. Poof. It's less than 24 hours and the Crumbs website basically vanished.

Just as quickly as cupcakes were here, it seems like they're gone.

People are trying to find the next cupcake: macaroons, whoopie pies, cake pops (although I think cupcakes were the next cake pop, to be honest), cronuts, that chocolate chip cookie shooter thing. That's great for sweets lovers like me, but for brides, I don't think you should try and find the next trend. And I'm not very certain you should look for the current thing either. There's a reason why some things are tried and true, and a reason why cliches become cliches. They just work.

I think you definitely want to incorporate some trends into your wedding day to mark the time that you're getting married. Pick your wedding song as something that was popular when you met or when you're getting married. If you really like the mason jar craze, do it. Love chalkboard art? Have some. But don't have a Pinterest-only wedding and fill your wedding with trendy items only. You'll risk having a very dated wedding ... which might look dated a mere six months after you tie the knot.

And right now, stay away from cupcakes.

Maybe my wedding cake photo will sway your decision.

wedding cake

Yup, that is our actual cake from our wedding last month. It was stunning, delicious, and definitely made for a pretty picture (especially with the beach as a backdrop). Plus, I made those cake toppers myself. With my own two hands (and Popsicle sticks).

Speaking of cake toppers, don't forget yours ...
Click the images to order our favorite above or check out more cake toppers here.

BRIDAL BABBLE: With Crumbs closing, do you think the cupcake trend is over?


  1. Yep it definitely is! RIP Crumbs!

  2. I think cake pops are the thing now, I recently saw a cake pop cake! I am not entirely sure the cupcake trend is over but in my neighborhood 3 cupcake places have closed within the last year.

  3. That is a beautiful cake you had. I wouldn't go with cupcakes.

    slehan at juno dot com

  4. Great choice for a beach wedding. I think cupcakes are great idea for certain types of weddings- small intimate affairs, budget weddings, whimsical or garden themed all might work.

  5. No way is the cupcake trend over. I, for one, plan on having cupcakes in addition to my wedding cake lol. I feel that variety is important for guests, plus adds to the fun of the wedding reception.

  6. I have never been to a wedding with cupcakes, and I wouldn't have them either. However, I don't think the trend is dying!

  7. Not a fan of cupcakes at weddings but then for those who wish to take their cake home rather than eat it at a reception would work out better and as for cupcakes being sold in bakeries I find that they are way over priced. Sorry but no way am I going to pay over $2.00 for one cupcake no matter how fancy it may look or how good it may taste. Have had some of the ugliest looking cakes and cupcakes that were the best of all to eat.
    Will say love your cake idea here as it was not overly fancy and fit in with the theme. Hope it tasted as good.