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100 Wedding Favors (Your guests will actually take)

A lot of brides say that they're going to cut wedding favors from their budgets, but, honestly, I think favors are such a great part of weddings. Yes, you are feeding your guests at the wedding, but they're also giving you a gift (which is them paying for their plate). So that's a wash. You will send them a thank you card, of course, but that can take months. A wedding favor as a trinket to say thank you, that's really sweet and won't break the bank.

But what exactly is a good wedding favor? And is there such a thing as a bad wedding favor?

Anything on the list below is a good wedding favor. But yes, there are bad wedding favors. No one needs a key chain with you and your groom's smiling faces on it. They're not going to carry that around. And, if they don't want it, they won't take it, leaving you with 100 or so key chains with your photo on it. At that point, even you don't want that favor.

Deciding on your wedding favors?  Check out our list of 100 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Take from

100 Wedding Favors (Your guests will actually take)

Edible favors
  1. Bottles of water with personalized labels
  2. Brownie pops
  3. Buttermints
  4. Cake pops
  5. Candy apples
  6. Caramel apples
  7. Caramels
  8. Chocolate-covered almonds
  9. Chocolate-covered bacon
  10. Chocolate-covered espresso beans
  11. Chocolate-covered graham cracker
  12. Chocolate-covered pretzels
  13. Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds
  14. Chocolate lollipops
  15. Coffee beans
  16. Cookies
  17. Cotton candy
  18. Cupcakes
  19. Doughnuts
  20. Foil-wrapped chocolate hearts
  21. Hangover kit
  22. Hershey's Kisses
  23. "Happy trails" nuts favor
  24. Homemade beer
  25. Homemade candy bark
  26. Hot chocolate mix
  27. Hot chocolate spoons
  28. Homemade jam
  29. Honey
  30. Hot sauce
  31. Jelly beans
  32. Lollipops (in your wedding colors)
  33. Macaroons
  34. Maple syrup
  35. Marshmallows
  36. Mini bottles of wine
  37. Mini liquor bottles
  38. S'mores fudge
  39. Mints
  40. Banana bread
  41. Oreo pops
  42. Personalized Hershey's bars
  43. Personalized M&M's
  44. Popcorn
  45. Sea salt (for a nautical wedding)
  46. S'mores kit
  47. Striped candy balls (in your wedding colors)
  48. Tea Bags
  49. To go desserts (zeppoles, a candy bar, etc.)
  50. Wedding conversation hearts

Non-edible favors
  1. Bamboo coasters
  2. Beer mugs
  3. Blankets (for a winter wedding)
  4. Bottle opener
  5. Bubbles
  6. Candles
  7. Candy bucket
  8. Chinese fan
  9. Cigars
  10. Clear Christmas ornaments (for sand at a beach wedding)
  11. Coffee mug
  12. Coffee scoop
  13. Coffee sleeve
  14. Donation to a charity
  15. Hand sanitizer
  16. Flip flops
  17. Glass coasters
  18. Kitchen towels
  19. Koozies
  20. Lip balm
  21. Lotto tickets
  22. Luggage tags
  23. Magnets
  24. Matches
  25. Measuring spoons
  26. Mini chalkboards (use them to hand write thank you)
  27. Mini lotions
  28. Mini message bottles for sand
  29. Mini notebooks
  30. Mini whisk
  31. Nail files
  32. Olive oil bottles
  33. Air plants
  34. Picture frames
  35. Pint glasses
  36. Photo strips from a photo booth with holders
  37. Pot holders
  38. Rose-shaped soap petals
  39. Salt scrubs
  40. Scarves
  41. Seed packet
  42. Shot glass
  43. Stainless steal water bottles
  44. Sugar scrubs
  45. Sunscreen
  46. Tissues
  47. Wedding day wax melts
  48. Wine glass charms
  49. Wine glasses
  50. Wine stoppers
Wow. That's a list. There are a lot of favors that people call wedding favors that I wouldn't want at all (and would purposefully leave behind). On this list, I would definitely be excited to take one -- and I would silently hope that someone else left theirs behind so I could stick a second one in my purse).

BRIDAL BABBLE: Which of these wedding favors is your favorite?

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  1. Wow so many wonderful idea that are really awesome. Guests will be delighted to take these for sure. I love the chocolate covered espresso beans.

  2. This is a great list. I shared and pinned! Thanks so much.

  3. I always here a struggle between edible and non edible favors, but if they are tasty I say go for it! Thanks for the list, will also pin it for our audiences!

  4. wow this is the best list I've ever seen!!! I would want to think about it, but at a glance, I would love to have a group get together and make homemade jam in cute jars!