Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Planning A Last-Minute Bachelor Party

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As I'm typing this, I literally just got back from a friend's bachelor party, so I figured I'd write about the ins and outs of how my buddies and I implemented a last-minute bachelor party. I apologize for any grammatical errors I may make and any irrelevant tangents I may go off on. The keys on my laptop appear to be moving around on the keyboard. I think I drank enough whiskey and beer to do some brain damage. I probably won't be back to "normal" until Wednesday ... just in time to fly to Florida to see some friends and enjoy another weekend. I'm my own worst enemy.

We planned this last-minute bachelor party in under two weeks. It's possible, but you do need to follow my three simple steps to pull it off.

Planning A Last-Minute Bachelor Party

Step 1: The first thing we did was ask my buddy "So whadaya feel like doing for your bachelor party?" It's always fun to try and do an activity that's unique to the area where you're having the party. You also want to consider the time of year. Like, if you live by a large body of water and you're planning a summer bachelor party, you can have a boat bonanza -- water-skiing, jet skiing, or just lounging on a boat and drinking delicious booze. As far as the specific individual who is "supposed" to plan the bachelor party, "they" say the best man takes the lead (Side note: Ever wonder who this "they" is that says everything?). We didn't do it that way because we didn't have time and the best man lives in California and wasn't coming to the bachelor party anyway. Instead, we (the guys who were going) all threw ideas out, did some research, and kept it simple. You could also decide who the most reliable person in your group is and ask him if he wants to handle the planning.

My buddy decided he wanted to go to Myrtle Beach, stay at a hotel on the beach, and play golf Saturday morning. We accomplished the first two, but we went completely overboard Friday night so golf never happened. Dammit. And we made a pact before we went down that we were gonna take it easy Friday night.

Step 2: Start a mass text with everyone who you plan on inviting to the bachelor party. You can do a mass email too, if that's your thing. Doing this makes planning infinitely easier. You can all decide on a date that works for everybody, and you can exchange information as the planning progresses.

Step 3: Book everything -- quickly. Once we knew what we wanted to do, it was time to get it done. We looked at hotels by proximity to where we were golfing and to where all the fun nightlife stuff was located -- in this case Broadway at the Beach. We didn't want to book a hotel that was light years away just because it had the lowest price. I used Google Maps to look for reasonably-priced hotels on the beach that were close to Broadway at the Beach.

(Lisa's note: You can use a site like or to compare prices and find the lowest one. To make it even sweeter, go through a cash back site like Top Cash Back to get a percentage of your spending back. I always go to through a cash back site when I'm booking to save a couple bucks.)

We found a winning hotel that was going to be lucky enough to be graced with our charming brand of non-family friendly behavior. One of our buddies knew a good golf course that was close to the hotel (which didn't matter in the end). And Broadway at the Beach was a five minute cab ride away. Bingo, bang-o, blast-o!

BRIDAL BABBLE: What tips do you have for planning a last-minute bachelor party?

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