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Groomsman Gift Idea: Homebrew & Personalized Mug

A Bride On A Budget received one of these items for review.

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I'm arguably the worst at thinking of gift ideas for people. Actually, let me clarify that: I'm the worst at thinking of gift ideas for women.  I usually wind up just cooking a meal Lisa likes or just buying her a functional gift, like a bag of socks or a 3 pack of undies or something, you know, that you actually need. When it comes to guys though, buying gifts is insanely simple: Booze. That's it. Pretty much every guy on earth loves beer and has a favorite brand and style. This applies to liquor as well -- most guys have a favorite -- mine is bourbon  ... just sayin', in case anyone wants to buy me booze for no good reason.

This leads me to today's topic: The groomsman gift. Beer is the perfect gift for any occasion -- birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Flag Day, Arbor Day, or just any random day of the week just to celebrate the fact that you woke up to live another day. The greatest words ever spoken were by the person (rumor has it that it was Benjamin Franklin) who said "Beer is proof that God loves us." And it is also proof that you love your groomsmen, you know, like, in a brotherly way.

There are a bunch of ways to do this -- from the pedestrian (giving each groomsman a 6-pack) to the original (actually brewing something special for the occasion). You could also find a middle ground between the two and buy each groomsman a 22oz bottle of something special. If you go that route, I'm assuming you already know what each of your buddies favorite beer style is. If you don't, then find out. You can then go to your local bottle shop or beverage distributor and get a different bottle for each groomsman.

Groomsman Gift Idea: Homebrew & Personalized Mug

Brewing beer for your groomsmen is the most involved option and not a last minute idea. If you know how to brew, then you already know it takes three to four weeks to make a beer that's drinkable and fully carbonated. If you don't brew, and you have a friend who does, perhaps he/she can brew up a batch for you. A friend of mine just got married and his brother-in-law brewed three different beers, put them in pony kegs, and drove them down from New Jersey to North Carolina for the wedding. They were a hit! You could also take a trip to your local microbrew pub and buy a couple pony kegs filled with deliciously fresh and dreamy craft beer. Ah man! All this beer talk making me crave a fresh one ... hold on I'm going to the fridge. Nice! I popped open a new beer I've never tried -- Starry Hill Boxcarr Pumpkin Porter. Been trying to stray away from IPA's for a little while.

While beer is the best thing ever in the history of the world, it's even better when drank out of a hilarious beer glass. Lisa had a personalized mug made for my dad that had a caricature of him drawn on it, so every time he reaches to pick it up he gets to look at a hysterical cartoon picture of himself. Have one made for each of your groomsmen, and hand it to them with their beer one at a time, waiting long enough to give everyone else a chance to crack up before handing out the next one.

The mug we got is the aptly named Mug on a Mug from Groovy Groomsman Gifts. You email them a photo and any text you want on the mug (a name, nickname, date of your wedding, whatever) and their artists work their magic. The mugs are free-handed and take about four weeks (the same time as your beer), so this is definitely a gift you have to think about ahead of time.
Groomsman Gift Idea: Homebrew & Personalized Mug
The photo we sent it for the mug is on the left. The proof sent back from Groovy Groomsman Gifts is on the right.
These mugs hold 15oz. of liquid, so keep that in mind when you're figuring out how much to brew and gift. They're heat treated to help with durability, but the company does suggest hand washing. Placing this in the dishwasher or soaking it in a sink for an extended period of time may shorten the lifespan of the mug. Since the beer you brew won't last that long, you want the mug to last as long as possible.

We were so impressed when we got the Mug on a Mug. It looks so much better in real life than in the photo they sent over (and the photo was pretty good). In real life, you can really see the details and shine ... and the face does look just like my dad.

As far as timing goes in regards to how to best unveil this gift for maximum effect, I'd probably do it the morning of the wedding, when it's just the guys getting ready and drinking beers. Before anybody has a chance to crack their first freshie you can say "Wait! I've got something very special for all of us to drink!" Hystericalness will then ensue.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Would you give this personalized mug to your groomsmen?

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  1. What a great groomsman gift! We gave a gift card to the Best Man this is much more memorable and personal.