Thursday, September 22, 2016

Personalized Flower Girl Puzzles (and an easy DIY)

I am a big fan of making even the smallest part of your wedding special. You only get one chance at it all, so don't settle for mediocre.

Not even when you're asking a little girl to be your flower girl.

When you're asking her parents (which you need to do before you ask their daughter), fine. Be boring. Call them, which is actually pretty rare and special on its own. But when you sit down with the little girl, make it special, make it something she will remember, make it a puzzle.

Have a little girl in your life who you want to be your flower girl? Ask her to be one a cute personalized will you be my flower girl puzzle. You can find out about it on Plus, there is a DIY so you can make your own too!

My friend Danielle's brother is getting married and both her daughters were asked to be flower girls. That in itself is adorable, but the puzzles that her future sister-in-law had personalized from BoutiqueEclipse on Etsy are just so sweet.

You can order the ones above or browse through personalized flower girl puzzles on Amazon. If you're feeling crafty, I actually figured out a cute way that you can DIY these too.

DIY Will You Be My Flower Girl Puzzle

What You'll Need:

In the center of the puzzle, write something along the lines of "Will you be my flower girl?" 

Then, around the blank space, freehand (or use stencils) to draw a pretty picture. Make sure you have some part of the design on every piece. That will make it much more fun for the little girl.

Break the puzzle into pieces and put it in a small bag or purse (personally, I would do this or this one, but your choice).

Ask the child to assemble the puzzle and read (or help read) what it says. It will be so adorably cute, so get ready!

BRIDAL BABBLE: Would you DIY a will you be my flower girl puzzle or would you prefer to just buy one?

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