Friday, December 30, 2016

Top Ten A Bride On A Budget Posts Of 2016

I'm happy to say 2016 is over.

Last year, I recapped our year and talked about how many special moments there were and how I was holding on to them all, even the mundane ones. And I told a story that I had completely forgot until I reread the post, about my grandma and I going to Waffle House and a man helping her up the curb by grabbing her booty.

And it's making me cry because this year, just six (incredibly long and agonizing) weeks ago, we lost my grandma. I'm so lucky to have had so many moments with her that will live in my heart forever, but my heart aches over the fact that I cannot make any more beautiful memories with her.

I spent the end of 2016 longing to go back to the beginning of 2016, wanting so badly to recapture and relive happier moments.

Your 2016, dear A Bride On A Budget reader, was spent longing for the beginning of 2016 too. I went through our posts to find the most read from 2016. None of them were from the second half of the year. And of our top ten posts this year, only two are from 2016 -- and those are both from January.

So I have two year end wrap up lists. The first is the top ten posts read in 2016 and the second is the top ten posts written in 2016.

If you got engaged recently, you may have missed some of the BEST wedding posts on Go back and check out the top ten here.

Top Ten Posts Read in 2016 on A Bride On A Budget

  1. Wedding DIY: Preserving Your Flowers At Home
  2. Why You Should Always Go Wedding Shopping At The Dollar Store
  3. DIY: Twine-Wrapped Wine Bottle Centerpieces Tutorial
  4. Black Friday Wedding Deals
  5. Who Gets Tipped At A Wedding? (And answers to all your other wedding tipping questions.)
  6. DIY Wooden Letter Guest Book
  7. Food Trucks At Weddings
  8. Bridal Shower Word Search (free printable)
  9. So you're engaged ... now what? (What to do before you say "I Do")
  10. Famous Couples Bridal Shower Game (free printable)

Top Ten Posts Written in 2016 on A Bride On A Budget

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