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Who Do You Tip on Your Honeymoon?

When you're on your honeymoon, you're sort of in your own little world. Yes, yes, yes, you're in a state of marital bliss, but that's not what I mean. I mean, you're in a state of decompression where you can just drink mai tais on an island and just forget about the fact that you spent months planning a party for 100 or so of your closest friends. You want to stop thinking about other people  -- and what they might want to eat during the cocktail hour or who they might want to sit next to -- and instead, think about yourself and the really, really good massage you're going to get at the spa during the week.

What you don't think about is the bartender pouring you that drink or the masseuse giving you that massage. Just because you are on vacation doesn't mean everyone is. And just because you are thinking about yourself doesn't mean you shouldn't also take a few moments to think of other people and tip them. Yes, you should tip while you're on your honeymoon, even if you're at an all-inclusive resort.

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Who Do You Tip on Your Honeymoon?

I'm going to assume you are flying somewhere exotic on your honeymoon. If you're taking a honeymoon road trip, you won't tip the driver because, well, you are the driver. But I'm starting from when you exit the plane until when you're on the way home. The list will go through who you will

The cab driver?
Yes ... unless you know them.
How did you get to the airport? If a friend or family member dropped you off, be sure to pick him a souvenir up on your trip. If you took a taxi, tip the driver.

The receptionist.
When you get to the hotel, you'll check in with a receptionist. Don't tip him or her.

The bellhop.
Yes.As you check in, there may be someone who will take your bags to your room for you. Tip that person.

Room service.
If you're like me, the first thing you want to do is unpack and eat. I always want to eat. Instead of trying to navigate to a restaurant while you're hangry (because airlines just serve pretzels now and packing most food is a big no-no according to the countless episodes of Border Security I've binged watched on Netflix this week ... and according to the customs agent who stopped me for declaring a banana on our trip back from Mexico), opt for room service. And tip whoever delivers it to your door.

Relaxing poolside and getting a drink? Tip. Bartender walking around the resort's private beach taking your order? Tip. Heading out to a bar specifically for drinks? Of course you tip.

If you're going out to eat and a hostess sits you, you don't have to tip her. Usually, a percentage is given from the servers to the host or hostess.

Your waitress or waiter gets tipped.

Getting side-by-side couples massages while you're away? Any type of service like this gets tipped.

Towel boy.
I'm not sure what else to call the person who sits by the pool and hands you a towel. Feel free to call him or her whatever you want, but don't feel the need to tip them.

Shuttle driver.
When we stayed at a resort in Mexico, we took a resort-based shuttle downtown. We tipped the driver.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Who else do you tip on your honeymoon?

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