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Are ColorStreet Nails Right For Your Wedding?

When I was planning my wedding, my bridesmaids were so sweet. I tried not to be bridezilla, but I did pick their dresses and shoes. In our group message on Facebook, they asked if I had a color I wanted for their nail polish. I did pick a pale pink because I'm not a fan of French manicures, and let them choose whatever was closest to that at their salons. But recently, I got a pair of ColorStreet nails to try and it got me thinking: Are ColorStreet nails right for your wedding?

Quick side note. I tried ColorStreet, so I'm going to use that name throughout. That's a brand name for nail polish strips. That's a lot to type every time, though. Plus, right now, ColorStreet is the most popular nail polish strips. In the past, Jamberry was everyone's brand of choice, but I actually never tried those. So ColorStreet it is.

ColorStreet nail polish strips are the hot trend, but are ColorStreet nails right for your wedding? Find out at

Are ColorStreet Nails Right For Your Wedding?

ColorStreet Nails are nail polish strips that come in a set of strips. You can get them in a variety of designs, with plain, glitter, floral, geometric, and a variety of other options. You can get them in either manicure or pedicure packs.

ColorStreet is sold by independent retailers (as an MLM company), but you can also purchase them online at Amazon or in store at Ulta.

The strips come with a small nail file, which is perfect if you're using these for your bridal party. That means everything your bridesmaids could need is included in the package.

And you do need that nail file to help with the application. The instructions mention using a nail file to remove the excess polish, so having everything you need in one package is perfect.

Each set comes with 12 strips, which means you have multiple sizes so you can could choose what fits your nails best.

For the most part, they're really easy to apply once you get the hang of it.

ColorStreet nail polish strips are the hot trend, but are ColorStreet nails right for your wedding? Find out at

A friend's friend sent me a package of nail polish strips to try. I started with my thumb. I put a strip on, pushed it down onto my nail so it would stay, then filed the excess off with the provided nail file.

I didn't realize until a few nails in that if you are careful, and your nails aren't too long, you can actually do two nails with one strip. I destroyed a few of the strips when I filed them down before I realized that, so I didn't have enough to do a second application from the pack. But, if I would have known, I could have been able to get two applications from one pack and that's well worth the money.

Plus that means if you want your bridesmaids to have the same style at your bachelorette party and your wedding, they only have to pay for one pack to do so. They'll love that little bit of savings.

What's great, too, is that it dries immediately. That way, you can apply and move on with your day. You don't have to sit waiting for it to dry.

The nail polish strips were a little wider than my nails, so I did pick at the excess with my nails that were already done and that caused some nails to start getting ruined at the tips almost immediately. I was looking at ColorStreet on Instagram and someone suggested doing your thumb last so you could use it to peel off the excess. Keep that in mind.

ColorStreet nail polish strips are the hot trend, but are ColorStreet nails right for your wedding? Find out at

ColorStreet lasts so much longer than regular nail polish, so it's perfect for wedding week. You can do these earlier in the week and still have perfect nails on your wedding day.

I squeezed in getting my nails done at the salon two days before our wedding, a couple hours before we were meeting all of our out of town guests for a barbecue at their hotel. I was nice to sit in the salon and get pampered, but my mind was racing while I watched the clock, hoping we didn't hit traffic on the way to the barbecue.

With ColorStreet, I could have done them in the car on the way to the barbecue (while someone else drove, of course), and had a lot less stress.

If you do them during wedding week, you don't have to worry about chipping. With traditional polish, I usually have chips after a couple days. So for my wedding nails, I got gel polish done so I could assure they wouldn't chip before photos. The ColorStreet nail polish strips took about a week before they started to chip.

But, the nail polish strips did started cracking about three days into the wear. You can't tell that from far away, but I could see it. For a bachelorette party, or your honeymoon, that's no big deal. But for your wedding, where you will have photos of your nails taken, you might want to keep that in mind.

The cracks didn't turn into the polish falling off in chunks until 10 days in. And then I had to take them off. With regular polish, you could repaint the part that chipped, but you can't do that with ColorStrip nail polish strips. Removal is easy, though. You just use traditional nail polish remover. It does leave a little sticky film behind (like when you remove the price tag from a package and it leaves a little sticky goop), but you can just pull that off with your fingers.

So, overall, are ColorStrip nails right for your wedding? No, probably not. The cracking is the only deterrent for me, but that's enough. But for any other wedding-related event (like a bridal shower, bachelorette, honeymoon, etc.), these are perfect.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Would you wear ColorStreet nail polish strips for your wedding?

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