Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Entertaining Your Guests With An I Spy Game (and free printable)

I've been to a lot of weddings where they had disposable cameras on the tables. And, usually, they just sit there. I mean, everyone has their own cameras, iPhones, photographic memories. No one wants to pick up your antiquated disposable camera and take photos for you.

You hired a photographer. Leave it up to them.

Except, well, I wanted people to pick up those disposable cameras and take photos for me. I thought it would be amazing -- and sure, a throwback to 1994, but that was a great year. I was thrilled that the Rangers won the Stanley Cup and the World Cup was going on that summer. Both things that I distinctly remembering happening in 1994 but did not watch one single minute of.

Strange the things we remember.

For the things we don't remember, we capture them on film. See, you need people to take photos at my wedding, so invite James Bond*. Or, well, your guests in the form of James Bond.

Create an "I Spy" card.

Need a way to entertain your wedding guests? Give them a disposable camera and this "I Spy" game. You can print it for FREE at

You display a card at each table or at the welcome table, along with disposable cameras, and ask your guests to capture the moments listed on the card, like the groom playing with his ring; the bride and her mom dancing; the cutest couple other than the bride and groom; the worst dancer in action.

Super cute ideas.

We didn't hire a photographer for our rehearsal dinner or engagement party. Most people don't. You have to cut corners somewhere. Plus, you're going to be mingling, so you're not going to be able to take photos all night. Getting disposable cameras for each table and printing an "I Spy" card is pretty much the only way you can assure you get photos.

Now about that free printable:

Need a way to entertain your wedding guests? Give them a disposable camera and this "I Spy" game. You can print it for FREE at

Just right click the image above, save it to your computer, and print it on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper (a standard printer page). Display it in an 8.5x11 frame and you're done.

We have a few other wedding printables available for free, too. They're all listed below:

BRIDAL BABBLE: What would you add to your "I Spy" card?

*Oh, are you coming from up top looking for why there was a star next to James Bond's name? Well, it's because apparently, he's not a spy. He's a secret agent. I thought he was a spy, but someone corrected me. I have seen exactly zero minutes of any James Bond movie, which is exactly the same amount of viewing I spent on sports in 1994. Full circle.


  1. When ever your heart desire!!

  2. I have a bunch since I'm doing this at my wedding :-) Here's a poem for the top:

    Use your camera and look around,
    Hunt for the pictures that need to be found!
    Shoot away and complete the list,
    Find the moments the photographer may have missed.

    A Group Picture of Everyone at Your Table
    People Laughing
    Bridesmaid Dancing
    Your Favorite Decoration
    Groom watching bride from a distance
    Close up of centerpiece
    Artistic shot of your supper
    Toast to the newlyweds
    Bride and Groom Laughing
    Bride and Groom Dancing
    Shot of the Candy Buffet
    Couple Other Than Newlyweds
    Wedding Cake
    Your table before dinner arrives
    Best Man Speech
    People Dancing
    Mother of the Bride
    Guestbook Tree
    A couple kissing
    The ‘Best Dressed’ Guest
    Artistic shot of your dessert
    Bridesmaid Speech
    Biggest Smile
    The Best Dancer (in action!)
    Your Favorite Moment
    Bride’s Bouquet
    The Wedding Program
    Shot of your drink
    Picture of the Bride and Groom
    A Photo of You!
    Groomsmen Dancing
    Mother - Son Dance
    A Great Big Hug!
    Close up of cardbox
    Shot of the venue
    A Bubbly Drink
    Something that Sparkles
    Father - Daughter Dance
    Your Favorite Shoes
    Shot of this Card
    Someone having fun
    Youngest guest in attendance
    Sharing Stories

    My email is If you want a template feel free to email me!

  3. oops forgot to add you can get a good deal on the cameras on ebay :-)

  4. You can still get disposable cameras at Walgreens!! I got me and Carlos one which I keep in the glove box of the car. Whenever we go on trips or dates we just snap a quick one in the car or right in front of the restaurant. I'm SO excited to see how they look and trying to remember each memory and place of all the photos. =)


  5. I Spy: the drunkest person. (Extra points if you snap them vomiting)

    Aria H.

  6. the oldest person in attendance
    the youngest person in attendance
    the top of the cake
    a long stare between the couple
    the slicing of the cake
    the brides shoes
    the flower girl and the ring bearer dancing
    the dj in action
    a lighting affect
    the reception menu
    the card box
    the bouquet toss
    the center piece

  7. Okay, so the 'I Spy' card is a wonderful idea. As a previous wedding coordinator, I can tell you that the reason why the cameras are (were) typically NOT used was because guests at the table felt funny or uncomfortable 'taking charge' of the camera. Here's what you do - you give them permission by either 1) putting the 'I Spy' card under someone's plate/napkin, etc, OR you put a small cut-out heart next to (or at) someone's place setting. That is the person who is the designated photographer for the table, and they won't feel as if they're stepping on toes if they take charge. After doing 100's of weddings - trust me on this! And yes - you can get the cameras fairly inexpensively on eBay.
    And on your 'I Spy' Card, make sure to leave instructions as to WHERE they are to leave the camera before leaving the reception.
    Alternatively - instead of leaving the cameras on each table, have them in a big basket next to the guest book for whatever guest who would like to nominate themselves as a photographer. It doesn't matter if two people at the same table have cameras since they will have their 'I Spy' assignments anyway.

  8. this really appealed to my romantic side, I thought about it in my sleep LOL! Plus I love supporting your endeavors.
    This one was at the top of my list,

    The groom placing a stray hair behind the brides ear, or out of her eye * tear*

  9. The groom holding the face of the bride and placing a gentle kiss on her forehead or cheek

  10. The bride or groom nuzzle on the neck, placing a kiss on the neck or shoulder

    This one maybe a two-fer

    Dimnprncs at

  11. Bride and groom, stealing a kiss in the hallway or corner away from the party

    dimnprncs at

  12. The bride slapping or groping the grooms butt! LOL

  13. The bride or groom texting GRRR!! This one would be good for makeup or angry sex later

  14. The groom spitting out food ha! Men are picky eaters ROFL!!

  15. The groom doing the pantleg shift, (grabbin the nuts) kamakazi style

    we will discuss the spam thingy later ( Bwahaha!)

  16. The kid who finger swipes the cake ( Im on a roll)

  17. Any guest double dipping in the dip AAArrrrgghhh!!

  18. Kids are always adorable at weddings...
    often the bride leaning down to talk to one of them or the flower girl playing with her flowers can be really emotional
    what about the groom's mom straighten his tie
    watch for special moments between the bride and her dad

  19. I don't have an original idea for the pictures but I did look around the site and it looks like you can get affordable cameras. I looked around and they even have bridal ones. Can I second the idea of having a few cameras for anyone that wants to pick one up can. I know if I were getting married again I would make sure my niece had a disposable camera.

  20. i spy: the flower girl and ring bearer dancing. esp if they're kids, that's always wicked cute :)

    and you can still buy the cameras at walgreens and cvs i know.

  21. The ring bearer getting a kiss (from bride or someone else)! Precious moments between the bridal party are to be cherished! bandpo1211(at) I'm sure you can get the cameras with a wedding theme from Oriental Trading or other bridal distributors. Google would give you ideas!

  22. A flower in the hair
    A kiss between two elders
    A loving touch
    A mother and child moment

    You can get disposable camera's anywhere... my sister bought hers CHEAP at Walmart and then painted them white and decorated with flowers matching her bouquet... You can also get the actual wedding ones at Party City or Oriental trading... (If you paint, just be sure to tape off the lenses, etc.! *LOL*)


  23. Im back

    A picture of anyone doing the robot, Janet Jackson control dance or the "Carlton dance" :)

  24. The bride and groom playing smooch and grab in the closet or hallway

  25. I spy the bride :)

  26. I Spy Little kids dancing together, the cutest kid, or a little kid trying to remove their outfit.

  27. The oldest person in attendance next to the youngest
    The bride with her mom and grandmother

    I think they might still sell disposable cameras at CVS.

  28. bride dancing w/ father, obviously

  29. Ohh I totally loved the new version of I spy game! This idea is totally rocking and no room for boredom.

  30. I love this idea for a wedding version of the I Spy Game. What a great way to get candid photos from your wedding!

  31. What a great idea. I love what you put on the list! Thank you for sharing at Celebrate It!

  32. I love this idea. It's a great way to get guests involved and the photos you want. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.

  33. I'd ad A Dance between the Groom and a Child. Those always make the best pictures and videos. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday. Such a fun Wedding idea! Pinning.