Sunday, March 31, 2013

Flip Flops Basket (The Beginning)

When I got engaged, I sent a few individual texts first, followed by a few group texts.

One of my individual texts was to my friend Kimie, who immediately called me wanting details.

I'm not done sending texts yet, I told her. I'll call you back in a little bit.

When I did call her, we already started planning the wedding. Kimie is pretty much Kathleen Heigl in 27 Dresses. I think she was asked to be in 14 weddings ... and I was lucky number 15. She has a plethora of knowledge to pull from, so she gave me a bunch of ideas, including a flip flops basket.

The flip flops basket would be situated somewhere in the reception hall. There would be a catchy sign on it that read something like: If your feet are tired, don't sit down; put on these fliflops and keep dancing around. That's the best I came up with so far; feel free to use it.

If you're having a wedding of 150 to 200, well, flip flops can add up. I mean, realistically, you probably need half the number of flip flops as guests since the men will most likely be fine with their shoes so you're more worried about the female guests who start off wearing high heels and end up with blisters.

Even buying 75 to 100 flip flops is pricey, and my goal is to really make this wedding as budget friendly as possible.

Thank goodness for Old Navy. Old Navy had an app called Snap Appy (It's gone now, unfortunately, but was great in 2013 when this post was written). You "snap" a photo of the Old Navy logo and you can get surprises. Sometimes you get outfit ideas and other times, you get a coupon for money off your total purchase. You can "snap" ten times a day. I snapped and got a coupon for $5 off any purchase.

snap appy

Which means I can get anything that's $5 for free. Well, wouldn't you know, flip flops are $3.94 or two for $5.

So I went to Old Navy and picked up two pairs and they were both for free.

old navy flip flops

It wasn't until I got home that I thought I maybe should have paid a bit of attention to the colors. I figured I would just buy any colors and mix and match in the box, but in hindsight I think sticking to two or three colors would be a good idea.

Now, do I think I can get 75 to 100 free flip flops? I'm not sure, but that's the ultimate goal. I'll keep you posted on how that is going (and how my travel bags are going too).

BRIDAL BABBLE: Have you seen a flip flops basket at a wedding before?

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  1. No, but that's a fabulous idea! You KNOW what happened to my mom at my parents wedding.

  2. I see these online and in pictures ALL the time but the thing I would be clueless on is what sizes to buy?