Sunday, April 21, 2013

Engagement Photo Posing Lesson

My friend Michelle is the photo queen. She looks adorably amazing in every photo she takes so of course, when she heard we were taking engagement photos, she wanted to coach me.

Trouble is, she's in New York and I'm in North Carolina.

Thank goodness for technology. This morning, about 90 minutes before we were leaving to take our photos, Michelle FaceTime'd me.

It was good to get a chance to chat with her while I was doing my makeup, but it wasn't ideal. She could see me applying my primer, but she couldn't see how I was positioning my hands. So the phone propped up on my makeup case wasn't working. We had to try something else.

I had the perfect solution.

I rested the phone on top of my full length mirror. Not only was she able to see my entire body, I was able to see my reflection. When she told me to put my hand on my hips, and I did it, I could see exactly how it made the angle of my arm so I was able to understand if my shoulder needed to go forward or back.

Not that any of this really mattered in the end.

Today was the windiest day I've ever lived through, so the only pose I did was the one where I was grabbing on my dress to stop it from flying over my head and pulling a Marilyn Monroe (which it did once, if I'm being completely honest). Should make for some interesting photos.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Do you use FaceTime to connect with your friends from far away?


  1. I never take good pictures. I think some people are just naturally that way.