Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bridezillas Beware ...

I saw this photo and it made me laugh so hard.


I'm trying really, really hard not to be a bridezilla. I'm trying to be relaxed and calm, pick my battles and not fight over everything. You have to fight for some stuff (if you really, really want cupcakes at your wedding instead of a cake because you are a baker and your dream is to be on Cupcake Wars and you and your fiance met at a cupcake shop ... then fight for them, even if your future mother-in-law is forcing cake) but you don't have to fight over everything (if you really, really don't want to invite you Aunt Edna because she will bring your Uncle Carl who made that weird comment that time at dinner when you were 12 and you haven't talked to him in twenty years but you will feel totally okay just inviting Aunt Edna and you don't care if Uncle Carl's name isn't on the invitation even though it will start a family feud ... too bad, you have to invite them both).

Here's the thing: If you fight over everything and aren't flexible at all, people will start to get frustrated with you. They will stop offering to help you because at some point, you become someone who doesn't want help and only wants minions. And your mom, your groom, your best friends, they aren't minions. They are people who are spending a ton of money to help you achieve the wedding you've been dreaming about since you were a little girl.

So what happens is you create a crack in these foundations, one that grows and grows and turns into resentment. Then you "ask for help" (at least, that's how you see it ... they see it as you demanding something else), and these people lash out because they are tired of being treated as second-class in your planning. And then you lash out because you're the bride and what you say goes.

That will not end well. It will end with a lot of other 'zillas -- momzilla, maid of honorzilla, wedding plannerzilla -- or, my favorite, a groomster.

There are slight exceptions to this, but for the most part, it is a bridezilla who spawns these other intolerable creatures. Don't be a bridezilla. Don't create a groomster.

Every time you want to fight, sit down and ask yourself, "How important is this to me?" If it is in the top five things you absolutely need at your wedding, fight for it. If it's not, let it go.

BRIDAL BABBLE: What is worth fighting for?


  1. excellent points. pick your battles is the best advice, ever

  2. Excellent advice. Don't allienate the people that are around you, that love you and want to be there for you.

  3. For me, real dishes and silverware were a must. My MIL felt clear plastic was fine, but buying those were $1 each and and renting glass plates were $1 each. We had real dishes.