Monday, August 26, 2013


I remember a long time ago, probably when I was dating my first real boyfriend, people told me you could tell you were a couple when you started saying "we" all the time.

And high school advice from high school kids meant things like saying, "We are going to the party Friday night" as opposed to saying, "I'm going to the party and Mike is going to drive me if you want to come over first and he can drive you too."

Ever since then, that's how I looked at it.

Until very recently, when I started saying we. It wasn't in the "we are going out to dinner" way, but in the "we really like that restaurant" or "we really liked that comedian that didn't make it through on America's Got Talent."

I mean, how could you not love Al Harris, the guy who made jokes about stool softeners and prescription glasses?

But, we really did like him. A lot. We were crying laughing the whole time, and I even said, "We need this guy at our wedding ... unless he makes it to Vegas and then is able to charge a lot of money because he's famous because then he would be out of our budget."

When my mom came to visit, I said we loved him, and Pete suggested we get him for the wedding.

It's a mutual adoration. We love this guy and his bad jokes.

But this whole "we" thing, it goes further than that. I do it when Pete has no idea ... and when he will have no idea. I was by myself and just saw our friend who was by herself, and told her, "Tell your husband we say hi." We. On one hand, that sentence makes me sound like Sybil, and on the other hand, it's just me wishing well wishes from me and Pete, who is completely unaware that he is saying hi to anyone.

And somehow, that's okay. It's okay because we are a couple. And apparently, that's how it goes.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Do you say "we"?


  1. Also, You will find that using "we" is much more diplomatic and doesn't come across as nagging when you want our need your hubby to do something. As in "It looks like we need to empty the trash".
    Aria H.

    1. Aria, this comment made me laugh so incredibly hard. Thank you for that!

  2. My favorite new saying is we need to do the dishes and put the kids in bed,implies I do both and he sits on his butt in the lazyboy he wants replaced. Yes you can insert sarcasm anywhere here!!

  3. We implies I in my house,as we need to get the kids in bed,we need to put the kids to bed. But we need to eat dinner, implies I need to eat dinner,I am hungery. YOU CAN IMPUT SARCASM ANYWHERE HERE! He dose this all from sitting in his lazyboy that he wants replaced. REALly. Like thats gonna happen!

  4. I do all the time! I never noticed until I read this post! haha. so fun!

  5. I don't do it too often, but I feel the same way when I sign a card with my husbands name. He has no clue but of course the well wishes are always just implied and its a generally accepted courtesy for couples to speak on each others behalfs when it comes to social interactions and salutations.