Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review: Personalized Wedding Banner From One Tiny Heart

It was just barely a week before the wedding and I was going over the items I needed.

And that's when it hit me.

I needed a personalized wedding banner for our candy buffet. But not just any run of the mill banner I could pick up at a party store. I need a handcrafted banner that says Love Is Sweet from One Tiny Heart. Kristin of One Tiny Heart hand paints letters and images on 4x4 squares and strings them together to form beautiful banners.

She just doesn't often do rush jobs. Or maybe she does. But I can't imagine there are multiple people who tweet her at 1am with an idea they need. In just under a week.

Kristin asked what I wanted and what I described needed a stencil that she didn't have. So she ordered it. 

And a few days after my late night tweet, that package above arrived in my mailbox. I was so excited, I tore the packaging open (which is very rare for me. I usually am very conscious about saving and reusing any sort of packaging).


The banner had the words Life Is Sweet painted, with hibiscus flowers instead of spaces. The edges had a purple that matched the ribbon, and the first and last square had a silver stenciled scroll. Some of the squares were embellished with gems.


It was perfect. I was so incredibly happy with how it turned out. She rushed to get it to me on time but didn't rush her work. She took my colors and theme and just went with it and made a banner that is so incredibly perfect. You can see it on the One Tiny Heart website and order it for $19.50 if you are so inclined. If your colors are not eggplant, lilac, and silver like ours, no worries. You can choose any colors, any stencil, any words. All the banners on One Tiny Heart are completely customizable.


Whatever you can imagine, One Tiny Heart can design it. Thinking about a wedding hashtag? She can create a hashtag banner. Want chair markers? Yup, she has those. Are you like me and have your own idea but don't see it on the site? She can design a custom banner for you.

This was perfect for our candy buffet (but, for some reason, we don't have a single photo of our full candy buffet. Not one of our guests or our two photographers snapped one either).

Having a personalized wedding banner is really popular right now for props for thank you cards. During your wedding photos, hold up a "Thank You" banner and use that for your thank you cards. Or hold up one that says, "I Do" and have your groom hold up one that says, "Me Too." The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. If you can think it, rest assured, One Tiny Heart can make it for you.

And you will not be disappointed. Your banner will be created on a thick cardstock so it will not bend or look cheap when hanging. It will sway, due to the nature of it, if you have it outdoors, but it won't get ruined or ripped if someone brushes against it.

If banners aren't your thing, One Tiny Heart still has something for you. You can order cupcake toppers and (very reasonably priced) gift bags. The gift bags are washed, pressed, and the ink is heat treated prior to your purchase. They are perfect for favor bags. And, knowing how awesome the banner came out, I know anything else you purchase will be extremely high quality.

Plus, Kristin is just the sweetest and wants you to be happy, so she will absolutely make sure of that.

Keep in touch with One Tiny Heart: Website || Twitter || Facebook

BRIDAL BABBLE: If you ordered a personalized wedding banner, what would you want it to say?


  1. Great banner & love how she added some special elements to make it pop for your display!

  2. Personalized banners help you add a custom touch to your party and really celebrate the occasion. I love it for any occasion. Thanks!

    Terrie, Dermology Products

  3. I love personalized banners and this one is great! And it matches so nicely with your theme!

  4. I love how personalized banners can really bring a special occasion together. The generic ones you buy in stores always look so cheap and leave a impression that you haven't put much thought into it.
    Laurie Emerson

  5. This is a great banner! I ordered a "Thank you!" banner from Etsy to use for a photo to put on our thank you cards!