Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wedding Jewelry (Something borrowed or something new?)

When I was planning my wedding attire, I was sure I was going to wear the earrings my grandma got from my grandpa. There's a whole long romantic back story that I often tell about them, but I'm not exactly sure how much of it is accurate and how much of it I've romanticized over the years. But I can tell you for certain that they're from him to her. And I can also tell you that I wanted to wear them on my wedding day.

Except I didn't wear them.

I couldn't ever find a necklace to match the style and story behind the earrings, so I wore them for our rehearsal instead (sans necklace). My mom lent me a set of jewelry with pearls for our wedding, and since pearls are just as special to my grandparents' love story as the earrings, it worked for me.

I put a lot of thought into every single wedding moment. (That's partially why I drove myself slightly crazy and definitely why, fifteen months later, people still randomly talk about our wedding.)

More often than not, though, people buy new wedding jewelry because life isn't filled with enough moments to buy yourself something sparkly without hesitation. If you're on a budget, though, picking your sparkles from someone else's jewelry box will save you money.

So, I have to ask: Wedding jewelry. Is it something borrowed or something new?

For bridesmaids, my vote is something new. At every wedding I've been in, the bride has given the bridesmaids jewelry to wear at the wedding. I followed suit and gave my bridesmaids Alex and Ani necklaces (and my maid of honor got a matching pair of earrings). I also gave my mom a necklace from Dogeared (which she wears all the time, but didn't wear on our wedding day).

For the groom, I'm voting with something new as well. We got Pete new cufflinks to wear with his tuxedo. He did choose to wear his own rings, though. And, now that I think about it, I did buy a new Alex and Ani ring to wear on our wedding day. It matched the necklaces I got my bridesmaids.

So, I guess my real vote with be: go with a mix of something borrowed and something new. If you do that, you can cross those items off your list, sending you on a hunt for something old and something blue.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Are you planning on buying or borrowing jewelry for your wedding?


  1. These jewelry types look astounding!! Probably no one would say no to them and they can be the best adornments for ever.

  2. I like the KAVANT AND SHARART
    ROSE GOLD AND BROWN DIAMOND EARRING that makes your ear look triple pierced.

  3. I'm like you and feel a mixture of the two is quite acceptable. I like how you choose to handle your own wedding. I didn't have a huge wedding to do these options, but it certainly been a good way to ensure everyone was happy.