Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Super Simple Apple Cider Wedding Favors

Fall weddings can be cold. I'll be very honest about that. But there is so much personality that you can add into fall weddings. Pumpkins, pies, apples ... that can actually all make your wedding really stand out. Just don't do all at once. Skip the idea of an apple pumpkin pie instead of a wedding cake. Instead, just go with super simple apple cider wedding favors.

I actually got these at a wedding at the tail end of last year. I'm not sure if the couple DIY'd them or purchased them, but you can totally make them yourself if you have a little time on your hands.

Or if your family and friends have a little time on their hands.

See, if you're making these yourself, you are basically just opening apple cider and pouring it into nottles. This post is more of an idea than a tutorial, to be honest. You want the favors to be as fresh as possible, so you want to make these as close to your wedding day as possible. Plus, if you actually keep them too long, they'll ferment and can potentially explode when your guests open them.

Apple Cider Wedding Favors are perfect for fall weddings. Find out what to include in this Super Simple Apple Cider Wedding Favors post on

Super Simple Apple Cider Wedding Favors

If you really wanted to, you could make homemade apple cider. But honestly, you're getting married. You don't have time for that. Instead, just buy gallons of apple cider from the local orchard or the grocery store.

That's why I'm calling these super simple. Not because they're basic (they're not!), but because they're easy to assemble simply.

What You'll Need:

What You'll Do:

When you're buying the glass bottles, choose ones that match your style. So if your wedding has a vintage feel, look for vintage bottles. If you're having a very modern wedding, go with more of a square- or block-shaped glass bottle. A mason jar would work for a rustic wedding And if you want to keep it classy, a tall, smooth bottle works.

Wash and dry your glass bottle.

Open the apple cider. Very carefully, use the funnel to help fill each bottle with apple cider. Close the bottle.

Continue on until you have enough of the apple cider wedding favors for your guests.

Tie the thank you tag to the jar using a piece of ribbon.

Apple Cider Wedding Favors are perfect for fall weddings. Find out what to include in this Super Simple Apple Cider Wedding Favors post on

The apple cider wedding favors we got were so cute and had thank you tags that said "apple'y ever after" on them. You could use that play on words or you could just write thank you. If you're feeling really whimsy, you could get apple-shaped thank you tags.

These apple cider wedding favors would pair perfectly with apple cider doughnuts.

If you're getting the apple cider from a local orchard, there's a good chance they make apple cider doughnuts on site. So order those, as long as they can be individually wrapped, and give them out as a pair.

I'm a huge fan of edible wedding favors, so if you're inviting me to your wedding, give me something I can eat on the car ride home.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Would you give out these apple cider wedding favors?

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