Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pin of the week: Do It Yourself Yarn Bottles

I was at the bar last night, watching the Giants game. Well, Pete was watching the Giants game. I was on Pinterest, looking at centerpiece ideas. 

My mom and I were throwing ideas back and forth, and Pete was saying, "It's just the engagement party, not the wedding."

This isn't just the engagement party. This is the practice wedding.

What? Too Bridezilla?

Anyway ...

One of my fave pins from my centerpiece searching was a DIY project to make yarn bottles. Drink the wine, wrap it in yarn, insert flowers, and you're done.

Pin of the week
yarn wine bottles

I actually really like this idea. Yarn is incredibly cheap, especially since AC Moore and Michaels have 40% off coupons in the paper every week. Or you can buy a ton of yarn on Amazon for just a couple bucks. And, if you're already a wine drinker and have friends and family members that are too, just save the bottles.

My problem with centerpieces is that I don't want to get stuck with them after. Say you put two vases on every table. And I have ten tables. If no one takes them, I'm stuck with 20 vases. And what am I gonna do with 20 vases?

So this way, if I had 20 wine bottles and no one took them, well, who cares because they were pretty much upcycled garbage anyway.


BRIDAL BABBLE: Red or white? What's your wine of choice?


  1. You can always ask a wine bar or regular pub if they have extra bottles you could pick up at the end of a busy day. That would project even better!

  2. Agata has a great idea. Or instead of buying the wine, ask friends if they have wine bottles etc. Or even co-workers. Im sure that just by asking, or ask on freecycle, you can come up with enough! Im all about the frugal!

  3. This is really a great idea. I was thinking about wine bottle decorations for the holidays without spending alot of money of course. What type of yarn is used? I have to agree, I love how the craft stores give out such great coupons. Kudos to you and Mama!!