Monday, May 13, 2013

The Waiting Game (& how Jesus invented the three days rule)

I was on Pinterest the other day and found this fantastic pin about how Jesus invented the three days rule.

Okay, so I have to share (but keep going after it to read about weddings).

three day rule

So, according to How I Met Your Mother, that's where the three days rule came from. It isn't, obviously, but it's a rule I always adhered to because, well, you were supposed to.

It seems like wedding coordinators do the same thing.

On Saturday, we went to see this venue:

wedding venue

Amazing. I mean, that looks more like a resort than a wedding venue. And yet, it was a venue. But oh, not just a venue. Possibly the venue.

We loved it. We loved almost everything about it. Yes, there are a few little things that aren't exactly perfect (like the fact that it was an hour away, which I mentioned the other day).

The place was amazing and the price ... well ... we don't know.

See, when we were there, someone was getting married.

beach wedding

So we got a tour of the venue, we got to sit with the coordinator, and she said she would email us a proposal early in the week. She couldn't do it right then because, well, that wedding needed her.

We saw her Saturday. No proposal yet. I'm trying to be patient. I mean, if it was a guy I met out in town who I wanted to date, I'd wait until Tuesday to freak out.

Except, if you know me, freaking out is one of the things I'm best at.

I have high, high hopes that this place is in our budget. But we won't find out until we get the proposal. Fingers crossed that one) it's in our budget and two) that she emails soon before the anticipation drives me mad.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Be honest: Did you ever follow the three days rule?


  1. Yep but only if it was convenient for me lol!

  2. I am impatient, and some would say spoiled. I was never spoiled or pampered by my parents as a child, moreso held down and denied! Once I started working having money, I was free to do as I pleased, and patience was one thing that flew away along with my mother's control over me. I never adhered to any time barrier. If I cannot accomplish the task in the allotted time allowed, I will stay up all night to get it perfect. If I like a guy, I have the gumption and the nerve to call him up and hound him til he falls in love with me. (thats how i got louie) I also expect the same from Dr offices, anyone that is providing ME a service. IT IS HER JOB to acquiesce to YOU. You should not have to stalk her and call her, SHE should be calling you ever 30 minutes aggravating the hell out of you to get y'all to sign on the dotted line, so she gets her commission! CALL HER, if you & Pete REALLY truly want this venue, and price is right, tell her that you have a better offer because it took so long for her to get back in touch with you. Ask her if there is any way that she can accommodate you by getting better price, or getting an add on of some kind. I DESPISE people that do not respond in the time they say they are. If a Dr's nurse tells me she is going to call me in 30 minutes? I am on the phone calling her in 31 minutes. AND I will be continuing to call her every 15-30 minutes leaving a number or message til they HAVE to call me back. I am a bitch, plain and simple. I was a shop manager, I know how to take care of clients, I know how to deal with any problems or how to prevent them. It is best to give great service. She is not giving great service. I am mad now. dang it. You want me to call her? I will. gimme her number...ahhahaahahhaah