Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Feed Your Wedding Vendors

We were barely into wedding planning when I was having a conversation with my friend Nicole. I told her I had cuff links for Pete and we had decided to have a band, not a DJ.

"You know you have to feed them, right?" she said.

"Who?" I asked.

It was the beginning of our process. I really didn't know anything about wedding planing, so I didn't know that you are supposed to feed your wedding vendors. Did you know this? If not, let me tell you. Feed your wedding vendors.

Feed Your Wedding Vendors

The ones who are actually working for your venue -- like your caterers and bartenders -- you don't need to feed them. But your photographer who is with you from 11am to 11pm, you should feed her. Let her put the camera down for a little so she can eat. And heck, she'll probably even take a few photos of her food for your wedding album, so you win.

Your DJ is one mouth to feed while a band can be six. If you can't afford to feed six people, maybe you should lean towards a DJ. Because not feeding your band is really not an option. Imagine a band that has been playing for hours without having any food. They'll get tired, sluggish, and not give the best performance.

If you have a limo driver on call -- one who is sitting in your venue's parking lot in case Aunt Sally needs to go back to the hotel early or if the best man really needs to go to the store and buy some 5 Hour Energy Shots -- you better feed him. Sure, he could pack a PB&J and eat it in the limo while he's sitting there during the reception, but come on. Let's be real here. Serve the guy some dinner.

A general rule of thumb: If this vendor stays at your venue (and doesn't work for the venue) feed them. Don't feed the banquet manager but do feed the videographer. If a vendor just does their thing then leaves your venue (like the florist or church organist), don't feed them.

Yes, this adds a little bit to your budget, but let's be honest. Do you do your best work when you're hangry? No. And neither will your wedding vendors.

Many vendors may state in their contracts that meals are required. If not, tell your vendors you will be feeding them. It will make them happy -- and you'll be doing the right thing. Then, let your venue know how many vendor meals you want. Many venues will give you a discount on them (since your vendors aren't drinking alcohol) but will serve the same meal your guests are getting.

We fed all our vendors, plus had a table set for just them in our ballroom. It was just a nice extra thank you to show how much we appreciated them.

BRIDAL BABBLE: Did you know you have to feed your vendors?

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