Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Presents From My Maid Of Honor

My maid of honor came to visit for Memorial Day Weekend, which has been awesome. We went to see a venue together, fake saw a second venue, and have been talking about wedding stuff nonstop.

It's been amazing.

Also amazing is that she brought us two presents from New York.

One was a bag filled with New York bagels (because bagels from home are incredible and bagels from everywhere else are not worth wasting your calories on).

The second was ten pairs of Old Navy flip flops for our flip flop basket.


She got an Old Navy gift card as a gift and was so super generous and used it to buy us flip flops. Eight of the ten pairs are a women's 9 because it's basically impossible for me to find them in my local store since they seem to be so popular. And since they are so popular, we need to stock up on them.

I told Pete that if we don't have at least 30 pairs of flip flops for our basket, we're going to look pretty silly and it just won't work.

These ten pairs will definitely help.

With my maid of honor down here, I'm still no closer to my goal of picking a venue (which means more sleepless nights) but at least I'm closer to my flip flop goal.

One thing at a time, right?

BRIDAL BABBLE: Which gift would you prefer: bagels or flip flops?

Want to see our finished flip flop basket?

Check out our final flip flop basket post.

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  1. My parents got married in Brooklyn in the 70s. It was a early afternoon reception cuz the church ceremony was early morning. Anyway, they gave out bagels and newspapers after the reception to their guests, which is still think its a cute idea.