Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Keeping Your Gifts Straight (and making those thank you cards easy)

It's beginning to look a lot like we're getting married.

People are being so kind and starting to send us gifts, and we're slowing changing out our "old" things for new "us" things. My random flatware and Pete's random flatware have been cohabiting in a mismatched way for months now, but a new flatware set meant our non-matching service wear went to the donation center.

Little by little, items off our registry are being purchased and our apartment is becoming ours.

We just got a fantastic gift of "our" stuff from my friend Mallory.


She bought us our "spring" kitchen towels, a Scrub Daddy that we've wanted to try since we saw it on Shark Tank, and the owl mug that I've been dreaming of ever since I scanned it onto our registry (which I chatted about here).

I had a Christmas card to mail to Mallory and her husband that I hadn't sealed or sent yet. So I wrote them a thank you note in the Christmas card.

But before I even got that into the mailbox, I saw Mallory online, so I sent her a message to tell her just how excited I was over their generosity (and the fact that she purchased the item that was on the top of my list. Yes, I was that in love with the owl mug ... which was unavailable for purchase last time I looked at our registry. So I was convinced I would never see the mug outside of the one photo I took of it ... and then it showed up at my door).

She gave me more than awesome gifts ... she gave me a great idea.


She told me to make sure to save the cards and write the gifts on them. That way, when we sit down to write our thank you cards, we will know exactly what to thank people for.

Our wedding is in June, so I won't always have Christmas cards handy to double as thank you cards so the chance of me immediately writing the thank you note is slim.

When gifts come in one at a time, you feel like you will absolutely remember who gave you what. But with all the other things you have to remember, why even give yourself the potential stress? Write everything down and save yourself the headache.

BRIDAL BABBLE: How are you keeping tracks of gifts?

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